Aesthetics Orientated Programmable Camera


起始时间:2013年7月- 2014年10月


Since its birth, photography has been recognized as form of art, in which 3D sense is projected and recorded onto the 2D medium. But actually, there are many possibilities of extending the capturing, processing, and displaying. In this research project, we aim to revolutionarily change the historical nature of photography, and to develop a systematic photographical solution of enabling artistic expressions to more than just capture lighting of physical world. The first step of our work is a next generation camera that enables artist and common user to easily design, assemble, program a customized studio environment by benefiting from our modularized solution, as well as to expediently capture, real-time process, and aesthetically represent the objects and scenes in physical or virtual environment. Furthermore, we will provide a novel picturing experience to enable people not only can staring the traditional content of captured picture, but also can learning rich content-correlative information and knowledge that are automatically annotated by our system.